Listen to Giants Baseball for Free!

Listen to your World Champion San Francisco Giants free! Impossible you say? Piece of cake. Buy an old school AM radio and “stream” away, so to speak.

You can be 100 miles, or more, away from San Francisco and still pick up all the games if you have decent set.

There are no apps or websites that stream Major League Baseball (MLB) games live. All the radio apps (including local radio stations and TuneIn) have a paywall and/or they stop broadcasting when the game begins.

Benefits of listening (rather than watching) major league baseball:
– Listen to games outside while you’re gardening, or whatever
– Baseball is a Summer game, get outside with your AM radio
– Radio announcers are great! Jon Miller in San Francisco is a treasure
– Radio announcers fill in all the gaps, don’t miss a thing
– Radio catches the sounds of the game better than TV
– More interesting local advertising like Speedy Oil
– Not so many car ads
– Get other stuff done
– Go Old School
– Don’t be shackled to the TV, take a walk around the hood!
– Impress your friends

Benefits of a good AM radio:
– Increased reception (take a much longer walk…)
– Decreased radio interference
– Micro precise tuning
– Richer sound

Listen to SF Giants baseball free on KNBR AM 680!
Listen to SF Giants baseball free on KNBR AM 680!

Jon Miller
Duane Kuiper
Dave Flemming
Mike Krukow


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